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What to Consider When You Buy Gold Bars

For those who wish to buy gold bars in Ireland, certain types of gold bars are popular forms of gold bullion. It is because they are internationally recognised, popular and most importantly, liquid. These are gold bars that are refined and minted by the world’s largest refineries and government mints and approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

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GoldCore only makes a market and buys and sells to Irish and international clients gold bars from internationally respected and recognised refineries, many of which are in the EU and Switzerland.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Johnson Matthey gold bars
  • Credit Suisse gold bars
  • PAMP gold bars
  • Engelhard gold bars
  • Heraeus gold bars
  • Valcambi gold bars

When most people think of gold bullion, it is the large gold 'bricks' that we presume stored in Fort Knox that comes to mind. Such large gold bullion bars are familiar to us from movies like ‘Three Kings,’ ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘Goldfinger.’

Traditionally, bars like these made up most of the world's gold bullion and were held by governments and central banks and the institutional market. These are the "London good delivery" gold bullion bars, which weigh approximately 400 troy ounce size. They are refined and cast by the various private refiners worldwide, and accepted for 'delivery' in London and other major gold bullion markets and used by central banks internationally.


However, retail buyers buy gold bars of a smaller size and the most popular format for Irish gold bar buyers looking to take delivery or indeed to store gold bars are bullion bars that weigh one ounce (1-ounce gold bars) and ten ounces (10-ounce gold bars).

One kilo gold bars are increasingly popular with wealthier Irish investors and indeed institutional buyers are increasingly favouring the one-kilo bar format. This is especially the case in China and Asia.

Gold bars are an efficient way to buy physical gold, particularly if you are going to store your gold bullion holding in recognised and insured precious metals storage facilities such as those provided in GoldCore Secure Storage.

Smaller sizes of gold bullion bars from the tiny 1-gram jewellery trinkets, up to 5 gramme and 10-gramme bars have also been poured by various refiners around the world. These are popular in the retail gold bullion markets in parts of Europe, the Middle East, India and increasingly China.

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Why Do People Buy Gold Bars

Buying gold bars gives people around the world a way to build wealth and reduce the risks posed by currency devaluations and a lack of acceptance of the local currency. For people everywhere in the world, privately held gold bullion coins and or bars are a hedge against many financial, monetary and other risks in the world today.

For clients that buy gold bars with a value of €50,000 or more who prefer not to take personal possession of their gold bullion, placing their gold bars in a qualified precious metal repository is a practical and prudent way to safeguard their gold bullion.


Gold bars from well-known international refineries are one of the safest ways to invest in gold and own precious metals – whether by taking delivery or storing precious metals in safe vaults internationally.

For storage of gold purchases of €50,000 and greater at a bonded and insured precious metals depository, buy gold bars, since they are probably your most cost-effective vehicle. By leaving them in a registered storage facility, you avoid the need for re-assay of the gold bar upon resale.

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