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Gold price chart for Week for 1 Ounce - GBP

See the chart below to view the Gold price chart for Week for 1 Ounce - GBP. You can look at the Gold price chart for Week for GBP per Ounce, or change the dropdown options to see the Gold price chart in AUD, USD, and different weights. 


Market Research

Why Gold Is Flowing From West To East

Yesterday silver hit a four-week high and gold continues to hold onto recent gains. Today’s labour market data isn’t sparking significant movement in the gold market. However, it is facing some technical selling pressure as it tests resistance levels slightly below $2,400 per ounce. Yesterday’s  US CPI report presented a scenario that is bullish for […]

Update: The Seven Headlines Supporting The Case For Gold

In the late 19th century physiologist John Scott Haldane proposed miners begin to take canaries into coal mines. The idea was that the bird would act as an early detection and warning system for the presence of poisonous gases, namely carbon monoxide. The idea was widely embraced and wasn’t phased out until 1986, when UK […]


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