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Open an account with GoldCore

This is your starting point for learning how to buy gold. Here we will teach you how to open a gold trading account, how to document who you are and how to pay for your gold purchase.

We also give you advice on how to choose what type of gold to invest in. You wil also be shown how to get more help and support if you have any questions about buying gold.

With 14,000 clients and $1 billion in transactions, you can rest assured that we know a thing or two about assisting our clients in the buying and selling of gold for delivery and storage.

How to open a gold bullion trading account

Click the Open Account Green Box in the top right corner of the home page or below.

You can open several different types of accounts in a number of different currencies. With the exception of GoldSaver, all accounts allow you to buy, store, sell, or take delivery of gold coins and bars or Perth Mint Certificates.

You can have as many accounts as you like in as many currencies as you like.

Types of accounts are as follows:

  • Personal account - Used by private individuals to manage all their precious metal investment needs.
  • Joint account - Used by two or more private individuals. You can opt for a single or dual signature account.
  • Corporate / Trust account - This account allows companies, trust, charities etc to open up an account. Entities will need to provide special documentation and appoint a representative.
  • Pension - This account is used to process your precious metal-approved pension investments. It is important to note that pension assets can never be delivered to the individual while the assets reside in a pension account.
  • GoldSaver account - This is our popular gold savings account. Conveniently save a pre-set amount in gold on a regular monthly basis for no less than 12 months, after which you can sell for cash, take delivery or continue saving in gold on a month to month basis. It is great for cost averaging into the gold market in a safe and budget friendly manner.

Scan your ID and send to us via email or post

All precious metal brokers or dealers are obliged by law to identify their clients. Yes, we know this is cumbersome for some clients, but it is the law and any dealer who does not ask you to provide identity documents should not be trusted to sell you valuable investments.

You do it once and it is done once and for. For each account owner or operator, you need to provide a copy of their passport or driver’s license, this proves their identity. You also need to provide proof of residency, such as a utility bill, bank statement or an official government communication such as a tax document. The document must be less than 6 months old.

Sending in your documents could not be easier.

Take a really good colour photograph or scan, log into your account and click on the link or upload button to upload your documents to us safely and securely.

For the Perth Mint Certificate Programme you will need to meet stricter requirements, please review the account pack sent to you via email after you register and open an account.

Fund your account in any currency, by bank wire or credit card

We process thousands of transactions every month safely and securely and make it very easy to pay for your gold coins and bars.

In order for you to buy gold or silver we require your account to be funded.

You have two main options:

  1. Bank Transfer: The cheapest option is to transfer money from your bank to our bank where we hold all client funds separately from our own. Client funds are held in segregated client fund bank accounts - this is important.
  2. Credit Card/ Debit Card: The second option, and this is suitable if you are in a rush, is to pay with your credit card. You can buy up to $/£/€ 50,000 (USD, GBP & EUR) worth of precious metals online right now. You will need your special Verified by Visa password or Mastercard SecureCode password.

Credit card and debit card charges are 0% (in the EU).

Should I buy gold or buy silver or both?

If this is your first time…. rest assured that you are in the safest hands possible and we have heard every question before and helping you is what we are here for. We are expert in what works and what does not work for U.S. and international investors. You can learn more about buying precious metals for the first in our guide

You can choose between gold, silver, or platinum. You can invest in one, or two or all three. Most investors choose gold as it tends to have the best long term credentials when it comes to storing value and hedging against systemic risk.

Silver is also very popular and has similar properties to gold. Buyers of silver are frequently motivated not just by safety but also by return. Although silver tends to have larger daily price movements than gold, investors are happy to allocate to it. Many investors who expect a strong rally in precious metal markets tend to have a significant allocation to silver because they believe it is very much undervalued relative to gold.

You will need to decide which format to own your bullion in - coins or bars. For large, long term investments we recommend gold bars (one kilo) held in GoldCore Secure Storage. You can store in a variety of formats in safe jurisdictions and you can also take delivery. Feel free to call our office to discuss your options. You can review the price of a kilo of gold here.

Decide to take delivery or store your precious metal in our secure vaults or both

Secure and safe delivery. You must decide if you wish to take delivery or have your coins and bars stored or both. If you want to take delivery, you should opt for Gold coins or Gold bars in a one ounce format or Gold Sovereigns which weigh 0.2354 ounces. All are portable, easy to resell, nearly impossible to forge and relatively inexpensive. GoldCore has state of the art technology and testing equipment to ensure that all coins and bars sold are authentic.

Secure Storage. If you would rather have your valuables stored for the longer term, you can also consider larger gold bars. We offer secure storage facilities in Zurich, London, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Gold Certificates. You can also opt for the Perth Mint Certificate Programme which allows you to own unallocated gold with no storage fee in a government certificate with a government guarantee.

Or you can do all three.

If you are still not sure which option is for you, you can read up on what your options are and how you should view them. We have many excellent guides which are very helpful in this regard, see Guides to Owning Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

If still unsure, you can use your FREE strategy call

Call us if you are still unsure and we will explain your options

If this is your first time, you can have a strategy call with a GoldCore client representative. There are no hard sells and no pushy sales people. We ask you a few questions, give you your options and tell you what to do to make the strategy happen the way you want. It takes on average 10 to 15 minutes and may help you avoid opting for the wrong option.

Right now

If you wish to have a chat with us, then give our office a call on one of the following numbers. Ireland +353 1 6325010, UK +44203 0869200, US +1 888 381 8130.

Or book a call back

If you are too busy to call now or it is out of hours then click here:

and set up an appointment to speak with us and we will call you at a time convenient to you.

How to choose which gold product to invest in

Buying gold as an investment is a long-term proposition. We recommend a permanent holding of gold in your portfolio, especially as the world’s financial systems is increasingly based on digitised records of wealth that can become compromised or erased. When buying gold, you should remember that there are buying costs, holding costs and selling costs associated with ownership.

Do you want gold as money?

Some investors buy gold because they want a form of money or currency that is indisputable and always available to them, should they need it. In that case having a few bullion coins or bars delivered to them makes sense. Make sure you have a safe place for storage and have home insurance in place and don't show them off to your friends.

Storing larger sums of gold?

When investing larger sums, it is important that you find a secure non-bank storage facility preferably in a financial stable jurisdiction that has a proven record of honouring ownership rights. Switzerland remains favored in this regard but Singapore and Hong Kong are increasingly trusted and popular. GoldCore specialise in secure storage, where every coin and bar you buy is stored in your own segregated account and not mixed up or commingled with anyone else’s metal. Read up on our Secure Storage programme and learn how we offer the securest storage or vaulting service in the industry.

Choosing your path to gold ownership

Here is a table to help you to choose what bullion product is best for you. Please review and if you are ready to go, please feel free to open your account and start trading now. You can wire any amount of funds or buy up to $/£/€ 50,000 with your credit or debit card immediately.

Place your trade online or by phone

Placing an order could not be easier. U.S. clients can log in on any device and buy securely on our dedicated trading platform. We offer highly competetive pricing on the most popular gold bullion products. You can buy or sell coins and bars via our easy to use client portal and purchases of up to 50,000 USD can be made by credit or debit card in minutes. Most clients transfer money (no restrictions on amount) into their account and then login and place trades online.

Simply Login and follow the instructions.

You can also phone our precious metal advisers, who are experts, and can assist you in deciding what option is best for you. They can guide you through the online purchase process or place your order over the phone.