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How to Buy Silver – Buy Silver Bars and Coins

Buy Silver Bars and Coins
Buying silver bars and coins is a prudent way to protect your wealth.

Silver bars still attract VAT, however GoldCore clients can buy silver bars VAT free in GoldCore Secure Storage in the safest vaults in the world in Zurich, Singapore and Hong Kong. Clients buy silver bars in 100 oz and 1,000 oz in popular silver bar formats from leading refineries and mints who GoldCore have long standing relatiionships with.

product_bars_perthmint_Silver-Bar-100oz01aPerth Mint Silver Bars (100 oz)

Buying silver coins is now VAT free in the EU. GoldCore clients buy silver coins – Silver Eagles, Silver Maple Leafs, Silver Kangaroos, Silver Philharmonics, Silver Britannias (all 1 oz) VAT free for delivery in Ireland, the UK and the EU.

Silver Bars and Coins in Allocated and Segregated Storage
GoldCore Secure Storage enables Irish clients who do not wish to take personal possession of their silver to store it in GoldCore’s secure vaults in the safest jurisdictions in the world. GoldCore utilises the precious metals storage facilities of industry leading suppliers Loomis International and Brinks.

Precious metals held by GoldCore on behalf of GoldCore clients remain the property of the client, we simply act as your custodian under a bailment system.

Clients who wish to visit the vault where their silver is being stored are welcome to do so, by prior arrangement and in the company of a GoldCore representative. Clients who wish to pick-up their silver from where it is being held are free to do so.

It is important to be aware that you do not have to buy bullion from Goldcore to avail of our secure precious metals storage facilities. Existing owners of bullion can simply transfer their bullion from private possession or existing storage to the ultra safe GoldCore Secure Storage.


  1. Research the silver market, the recent and long term price ranges, the history of silver as money and a safe haven. Also research your purchase and the preferred product format, coins or bars or a combination of the two. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the various options involved and to do due diligence on the potential companies that you are considering buying from.
  2. For purchases through GoldCore, go to, create your own secure online account with your own highly secure login and password, and then after following the account funding steps. You can then buy silver bullion coins and bars for home delivery.
  3. Alternatively, call GoldCore’s Bullion Services Team for advice and a quotation.
  4. When you are happy to proceed, simply transfer the required funds to your GoldCore dollar or multi currency account. You will receive an acknowledgement and receipt from us, stating that we have received your funds. Thereafter, you can make your online purchase. If you are not transacting online, then one of our bullion services team will call you to discuss your order and ensure that you are happy to proceed to the order stage of your quote.
  5. Funds lodged into your GoldCore account remain yours until you agree to proceed to the purchase stage. Up until the purchase transaction is executed, your funds remain in a segregated client funds account and you can have your funds returned to you.

Perth Mint – Pool Allocated Silver Certificates
The Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) offers Irish investors a unique range of precious metal storage facilities on internationally competitive terms.

The Perth Mint’s Pool Allocated Silver Certificate Program is 100% backed by specific bars of silver held in Perth Mint’s vaults. A list detailing the weights and serial numbers of these silver bars is published daily on the Perth Mint corporate website along with the total number of pooled bars held on behalf of clients. All silver bars listed as pool allocated meet LBMA good delivery standards and consist of 1,000 ounce bars with 999 fineness.

The storage cost for pool allocated silver is 0.95% per annum. Customers pay the quoted silver value and initial storage fee at the time of purchase and then ongoing storage fees are charged.

Perth Mint pooled silver is fully insured and the insurance is underwritten by specialist insurers.

Silver for Corporates
Companies in Ireland can avail of GoldCore’s complete suite of products to purchase silver coin and bars and store the coins and bars in GoldCore partner vaults at our secure international storage locations.

Alternatively, you can invest in silver through the Perth Mint Certificate Programme.

The application process is simple. Please contact the Bullion Services Team to discuss your options.

Adding Silver to a Self-Administered Pension Plan
The Revenue Commissioners have not made silver an eligible investment for Irish self-directed pension schemes and so, unlike gold, Perth Mint Silver Certificates do not qualify for tax concessions in Irish pensions in the way that gold does.