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Why choose GoldCore?

The GoldSaver Account is a unique approach for savers to accumulate gold and an ideal way to save. Goldsaver is a regular savings account, but instead of saving in euro, pounds or dollars the account faciliates saving in the form of real gold.

With GoldSaver, account holders can buy gold online on a monthly basis with a minimum monthly purchase from as little as €/$/£100, paid conveniently by Credit Card (or direct debit in Ireland). Account holders can also make additional lump sum deposits at any time.

Gold Stored in High-Security Vaults
100% of client gold is held in high-security professional vaults, every ounce is fully allocated and real. It is never leased or based on derivative contracts.
Takes 3 Minutes To Open An Account
Saving for the future has never been more important. Saving in gold can protect you from the dangers of cash, bank collapse, inflation and money printing.
Lump Sums Accepted
You can add a lump sum to your Goldsaver account whenever you like. This way you can build up your balance and arrive at your target investment balance sooner.
GoldCore Was Established in 2003
GoldCore opened in 2003.We are one of Ireland’s largest dealers and one of the biggest in Europe. With 15,000 accounts we are one of the most trusted dealers in the world.
Convert to Physical Gold
After you save 10 ounces you may convert your GoldSaver gold to physical bars or coins, charges may apply when doings so, but nothing unreasonable.
Low Low Fees
To buy small amounts of gold investors can pay premiums over gold spot of 45%. With GoldSaver you are paying just 5% when you buy and 1% when you sell. You pay a modest 1% management charge each year to cover the gold you are storing.
Take Delivery of Your Gold
Once you convert your goldsaver gold into a shipment friendly physical form you can ask that we dispatch it to you wherever you are, it is your gold after all.
4.9 out of 5 Clients Love GoldCore
GoldCore elicits feedback for every single client when they trade, we publish all reviews and we are proud that we earn one of the highest ratings in the industry.
Save More or Save Less, Change Whenever You Like
The minimum term is 100 £ $ € per month for 12 months. There is no limit to how much you can save. We do offer a 15 day cooling off period to all clients, so you can change your mind once you open your account.
$1 Billion Traded Since 2003
We have traded over $1 Billion since we started in 2003. We feel passionately that every investor should own some gold, especially with dangerous Central Bankers printing money and destabilising our economies.
$130 Million Assets with GoldCore
GoldCore specialise in the storage of physical gold. Many of our clients store gold in our vaults in Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong and London. Once you have 10 ounces of GoldSaver Gold you can convert your gold to physically stored gold in one of our vaults.
15,000 Happy Clients From 130 Countries
Our clients come from all walks of life. They are all united in their understanding of the importance of precious metals in protecting the wealth of every day people. Gold has been money par excellence since the dawn of man and it still is today.

How to buy gold with a GoldSaver account

So you have decided that you should own some gold for the first time and you might be a little apprehensive and fear it is cumbersome. Well, rest assured we have made it very easy to buy gold and with our new platform you can do so in as little as 3 minutes (if you type really fast ;-)).

15,000 Accounts, 1 billion in transactions, let’s say we know a thing or two about buying and selling gold. So here goes….

How to Open a Gold Bullion Account with GoldCore

Click the Open Account Green Box in the top right corner of the home page or below.

You will need to fill in your personal details in the screen shown and then choose how much you would like to start saving in per month.

The minimum saving terms is 12 months. We deduct the monthly savings amount from your card or bank on the 2nd day of every month and invest it in the gold market between the 6th and 8th day of the month.

Once you continue you will be asked for your Credit Card Details. Please enter these.

Scan your ID and application form, and send to us via email or post

We are obliged by law to identify our clients. Yes, we know this is a pain for our clients, but it is the law and any dealer who does not ask you to provide identity documents should not be trusted to sell you valuable investments. The good news is that you do it once and you are set.

Now luckily we have made it very easy. For each account owner or operator, you need to provide a copy of their passport or driver’s license, this proves their identity. You also need to provide proof of their residency, such as a not less the 6-month-old: utility bill, bank statement or an official government communication such as a tax document.

Sending in your documents could not be easier.

Take a really good colour photograph or scan, log into your account and click on the link to upload your documents to us safely and securely.

Want Some advice? Use your free, no obligation, strategy call

Call us and we will explain your options.

If this is your first time, we strongly advise that you should have a strategy call with a GoldCore client representative. There are no hard sells, no pushy sales people. We ask you a few questions, give you your options and tell you what to do to make the strategy happen the way you want. It takes on average 10 to 15 minutes and you will avoid making silly mistakes.

If you don’t fancy reading a guide and prefer to speak with one of us GoldCorian’s then give our office a call on one of the following numbers. Ireland +353 1 6325010, UK +44203 0869200, US +1 888 381 8130.

Or book a call back

If you are too busy to call now or it is out of hours then click here

and set up an appointment to speak with us and we will call you at a time convenient to you.