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Sell Gold & Silver

Most of the focus of investors when buying assets is how to buy but it is important to also consider how to sell your gold and silver and your exit strategy.

At GoldCore, we make a market in all popular gold and silver coins and bars and are happy to help existing clients and other investors sell their gold and silver bullion at the best prices in the market.

Here are some considerations for you regarding selling your gold and silver bullion.


Why Sell Your Gold and Silver to GoldCore?

As one of Europe's most respected gold brokers, GoldCore provides gold and silver investors a fast, convenient and easy way to sell their gold and silver bullion coins and bars. We buy all popular gold and silver coins and bars at competitive prices close to the gold and silver spot prices.

Here are the reasons why GoldCore should be your first choice when you need to sell gold and silver bullion:

  • GoldCore is an established (since 2003) and trusted broker with over 16,000 clients in 140 countries
  • We pay highly competitive prices that are close to the spot price
  • Enjoy excellent customer care and expert advice throughout the sale process
  • Receive timely and fast payment via bank transfer

Please note that GoldCore is a gold bullion broker or dealer and does not buy or sell scrap gold, jewellery or numismatic gold. We only deal in investment grade pure gold coins and bars.

This chapter will explain the easy steps taken to sell your bullion gold and silver coins and bars.

How to sell gold or silver

How to Sell Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

As mentioned before, GoldCore buys gold and silver from existing clients as well as new clients. We also purchase all the popular brands of bars and coins from around the world that originate from sovereign mints and private refineries recognised by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

We accept and make market in bullion coins and bars from government mints such as the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, and the Royal Mint as well as private refineries such as PAMP, Mettalor, Johnson Mathey, among many others.

As the official distributor of the Perth Mint certificates in the UK and EU, we also facilitate the sale of both allocated and unallocated Perth Mint gold and silver certificates.

How you sell your gold or silver will depend on the following factors:

  • Are you a new or existing client at GoldCore?
  • Are you selling physical bullion coins, bars or certificates?
  • Was your gold or silver purchased at GoldCore or from another dealer?
  • Where is your gold or silver stored?
  • Does the quantity of bullion for sale meet our minimum requirements?

Selling Physical Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

How to sell gold bullion

How to Sell Physical Coins and Bars from GoldCore Secure Storage

Physical gold and silver bullion currently being stored on your behalf in Goldcore Secure Storage is the easiest form of bullion to sell. This applies to existing clients who buy gold and silver coins or bars from GoldCore and opt to have them stored fully allocated and fully segregated in any of our partner vaults around the world. GoldCore will always buy back gold and silver bullion sold to its clients and stored within GoldCore Secure Storage.

In this case, the bullion coins and bars never leave the chain of custody and therefore maintain their integrity. These gold and silver bars and coins will not need verification or re-authentication via an assay during the sale. By storing gold in GoldCore Secure Storage vaults, they maintain maximum liquidity which ensures the sale is conducted speedily and your payment processed as quickly as possible.

You can just place a sale order through the phone or via our online platform by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and sell your coins and or bars online or call us at +353 (0)1 632  5010 , to lock in prices and sell
  2. Receive a price offer and lock in your price once you accept the offer
  3. Receive payment via bank transfer within 3 business days

How to Sell Bullion Not Stored but Bought From GoldCore

Clients may opt to take delivery of their gold and silver bullion after purchase for storage at home or in a safe deposit box. Other buyers may choose to store their bullion in a storage facility or vault not managed by GoldCore. In such cases, GoldCore will also purchase their gold and silver bullion at competitive prices.

However, because the bullion is not within the chain of integrity, the coins or bars will be subjected to verification and re-authentication before purchase. This process is to protect the integrity of everything we purchase to ensure that GoldCore only deals with authentic bullion coins and bars.

The purchase of bullion not in our custody will follow the following steps:

  1. Email us at and we will send your instructions on how to package your coins and or bars for collection
  2. We shall then arrange an insured courier to pick your bullion from your location
  3. The courier will deliver the bullion to our high-security facilities for authentication
  4. Once the bullion is verified and authenticated, you can lock in the sale price
  5. You will receive payment within 5 business days via bank transfer

Naturally, this process will take longer as compared to bullion that is already stored within our vaults. This is because it takes longer to pick and transport the bullion coins to our vaults, as well as to verify and authenticate it before accepting it for purchase.

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How to Sell Bullion Not Originally Purchased from GoldCore

GoldCore is happy to facilitate the sale of investment grade gold and silver coins and bars that were not originally purchased from us. These coins will have to undergo an authentication process prior to being accepted for sale. This process may take a few days. 

To sell your bullion, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open a free account with GoldCore and provide proof of identity and address by clicking here
  • Call us or fill this form to initiate the sale of your bullion gold and silver
  • GoldCore shall then arrange to pick up of your bullion by insured courier
  • The bullion will be delivered to our secure storage for authentication
  • You will then lock in a sale price once you accept the offer
  • Your payment will be wired to your bank account within 5 business days

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Certificates

GoldCore is happy to facilitate the sale of Perth Mint gold and/or silver certificates for both existing clients and non-clients. All purchases will also be subject to minimum amounts.

How to Sell Perth Mint Certificates as a Goldcore Client

To initiate the purchase of your Perth Mint certificates, you need to send us a scanned and signed copy of the certificate before you can lock in a price. Goldcore will then countersign your certificate before delivering to the Perth Mint before processing your payment.

Due to the extra administration involved in selling a gold or silver certificate, payment will then be wired to your bank within 5 working days.

Please note that when selling your Perth Certificate, your payment can only be sent to the original bank account that bought the certificate in the first place. Furthermore, the funds from the sale cannot be transferred to a third party.

How to Sell Perth Mint Certificates as a Non-Goldcore Client

Goldcore will facilitate the sale of your Perth Mint Certificate even if you bought from a different dealer approved by the Perth Mint Certificate Program.

In addition to the above steps, you will be required to open an account with Goldcore to provide proof of identity as well as anti-money laundering documentation. You can do this by clicking here.

How NOT to Sell Your Gold and Silver

To protect your hard-earned investment, only buy or sell gold and silver from recognised dealers with a solid reputation in the industry. Many gold and silver investors are drawn into selling their bullion to unscrupulous buyers who employ creative methods to fleece innocent investors.

If you own investment-grade bullion coins and bars, do not sell it to a gold scrap dealer or local jewellery store. To get a competitive price that is closest to the gold spot price, select a bullion dealer like Goldcore who make market every day and can guarantee liquidity for fast payment.

For more information on how to sell your gold and silver bullion conveniently, call us on +353 (0)1 632  5010  to speak to a Goldcore representative.