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Buying Silver - Vat Free


If you import silver without first knowing what you are doing, you may incur a large and immediate tax burden that can negatively impact the return on your investment. Unsurprisingly, many investors are not aware that silver attracts value added tax (VAT) at a rate of up to 23%, if imported into Ireland.  

This significant tax burden can neither be recovered nor refunded when you sell your silver bullion and should therefore incurring this VAT charge should be legally avoided in the first place.  


So, how can you legally buy silver free of VAT as an Irish resident? 

The fact is, the unnecessary tax burden on your silver investment can be legally avoided if you purchase silver bullion through a legal and tax compliant process via a competent dealer such as Goldcore. Below are three of the options that are available to you:

Silver coins Canadian Maples - Austrian Philharmonics - Britannias - Silver Eagles - Australian Kangaroos

Buy VAT Free Silver Coins 

Silver coins such as silver Britanniassilver Maplessilver Eaglessilver Philharmonics, and silver Kangaroos, can now be purchased free of VAT through GoldCore. Since 2003, GoldCore has helped clients to grow and protect their wealth through the purchase of tax free legal tender silver bullion coins.

As specialists in making market in vat free silver, GoldCore can now arrange tax compliant silver investments courtesy of our established and efficient international storage locations.

By purchasing bullion bars through GoldCore and having them stored in a secure location outside of the EU, you will not incur EU Vat.

When you buy silver bars, and have them stored on your behalf by GoldCore in Zurich, Hong Kong or Singapore, your investment will be free of tax, saving you a considerable amount.

GoldCore has partnered with international, specialist, high-security precious metals vaults to provide secure and insured storage for gold, silver, and other precious metal bullion investments.

Existing owners of silver bullion bars and coins can also transfer their bullion holdings into GoldCore Secure Storage to benefit from the security and tax advantages.

Buy silver bars vat free

Buy Silver Bars VAT Free

Just like silver legal tender coins, silver bullion bars are still liable to VAT tax within the EU. Therefore, if you buy silver bullion bars and import them into Ireland, they will incur a valued added tax of up to 23%. However, you can still invest in VAT free silver bars by purchasing bullion bars through GoldCore and having them stored in a secure location outside the EU so as not to incur any tax.

Vat free silver bars stored offshore

Buy Silver Certificates Free of Tax

A great way of investing in silver Vat-free, is by buying silver certificates from a reputable silver certificate program such as The Perth Mint Certificate Programme which is operated by The Perth Mint of Western Australia, which in turn is owned and guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. These silver certificates allow you to own investment grade silver, which is then held on your behalf in the Mint's secure vaults.

Because the silver represented by the certificate is not imported into the EU, it is not liable to VAT. This method therefore allows you to benefit from vat free silver investment in Ireland.

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How to Buy Gold and Silver in Ireland - The Complete Guide

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Silver certificates from The Perth Mint will therefore protect your hard-earned investment from the undesirable tax impact in your resident country.

GoldCore can assist you in investing in legal, tax-compliant silver bullion bars and coins wherever you are in Ireland or the EU. It is advised that you deal only with a reputable and experienced bullion dealer such as GoldCore, who understand the legislation and regulation governing VAT on silver. 

Only then can you legally avoid the heavy tax burden on your silver bullion investment. To find out more about how to invest in tax free silver, click here to speak to one of our representatives today.