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How to Buy Gold

We are frequently asked how to invest in gold and how to buy gold. Depending on your investment objectives or personal preferences, there are a variety of ways to invest in gold and buy gold bullion.

The best way to invest in gold is owning physical gold coins and gold bars. They can be kept in your possession or the safest vaults in the world. Physical gold is a safe-haven asset, unlike paper assets such as gold ETFs and mining shares.

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Where to buy gold

The market for gold is one of the most liquid and internationally traded markets. There are gold bullion brokers throughout the world who make a market in gold coins and gold bars.

GoldCore is one of the most trusted and popular gold dealers internationally and specialises in the delivery and ultra secure storage of gold coins and gold bars.

How do you buy gold online?

How to buy gold bars or gold coins is much easier than most people realise. Investing in gold by buying gold online has become as simple as buying other goods, services, and indeed assets such as shares online.

There are several different gold products to choose from - gold coins, gold bars, Perth Mint Certificates, GoldSaver, and GoldCore Secure Storage. For further information on these products, please visit our Product Pages (GoldCore Secure Storage - Gold Coins - Gold Bars - Perth Mint Gold Certificates - GoldSaver ) to learn more.

Once you decide to proceed, please go to our login page and open your free account. You will need to wire funds to our multi-currency bank accounts (details are in the login section), before placing a trade online or on the phone with GoldCore.


If you are not sure how to buy gold, GoldCore will assist you in choosing the most suitable way for you to invest in gold. Please call our office, and we will work with you and send you an indicative quote based on the latest spot gold price which we will send to you by email.

When you receive your indicative order, and you are happy and wish to proceed, wire the estimated funds displayed on your indicative quote to our bank. Our bank account details will be listed in the indicative order. Once we get the funds, we will confirm the receipt of your funds (normally by email). We will then call you so as to execute your order at the live gold spot price.


Alternatively, you can post a cheque or make a transfer to our account at your bank branch. However, we do recommend wire transfers as we deal with live market prices, and thus the price may have moved should there be a delay in receipt and clearance of your funds. Should you choose to take personal physical possession, your bullion will be delivered to your address (either home or work) fully insured via Royal Mail, DPD, FedEx, etc. within 3 to 10 working days.


Should you opt for GoldCore Secure Storage - allocated and segregated gold and silver coins and bars, we will transfer the ownership of your gold bullion to our fully insured depository storage accounts in Zurich, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai or Perth.

You will receive statements from GoldCore, or you can log onto your GoldCore account and confirm your holding there. You can also corroborate the holdings in your account by logging onto the vault providers websites where the exact nature of your holdings will also be detailed.

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Is gold a good investment?

Over the long term - 10, 20 and 40 years - gold has been an excellent investment. More importantly, it has acted as a hedge and has tended to outperform other assets in volatile markets and uncertain times.

It was evident in 2007 and 2008 when the global financial crisis began. Gold rose in value by 5% in dollar terms, by 10% in euro terms and by 43% in sterling terms in 2008 and internationally, gold was one of the only assets to rise in 2008.

Gold rose throughout the global financial crisis - in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 - not just in dollar terms but in all the leading currencies.

Gold's primary function is to act as a hedge against financial risks and especially currency devaluations. It has been seen clearly in recent years and was evident in the UK after BREXIT and the sharp fall in sterling that occurred in its aftermath.

Gold has acted as a store of value throughout history and in recent years and will continue to do so today for those who know how to buy gold.

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