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How to Buy Gold and Silver in Ireland - The Complete Guide



We live in an increasingly uncertain world that appears to be moving from one crisis to another – politically, financially, economically and environmentally.

Today, investing in traditional assets such as stocks, property and bonds is riskier then it has been before as the economic outlook is fraught with uncertainty. In the turbulent and unpredictable world of today, everyone should own some gold and silver in order to hedge these risks and become financially independent and free.

Why gold? Well, as seen throughout history and in the financial crisis of recent years, gold and silver are the ultimate hedge against inflation, currency devaluation, geopolitical crises and disastrous economic policies. For thousands of years, gold and silver have never lost their value; they have inherent and intrinsic value; a finite and very limited supply and universal acceptance and demand due to their qualities of being portable, durable, divisible, fungible and limited in supply.

Furthermore, the increased demand for gold in emerging economies such as China, India, Korea, Russia, Turkey and other countries in the Middle East and Asia looks set to drive gold prices to much higher levels. Adding gold and silver to an investment or savings portfolio is therefore the informed choice of prudent investors and saver who want to outperform other asset classes while insuring their personal finances and wealth from the mounting risks we all face every day.


This practical guide is designed to give you valuable insights into gold and silver, and details how they can be your best insurance against the prevailing risks in local economies and the global financial system and economy. It is meant for investors who want to understand and make sense of the gold and silver market; with the aim of making the right choices regarding precious metals when buying, selling and storing gold and silver coins and bars.

This resource is based on extensive and authoritative research in the gold and silver market and is shaped by our vast experience in the precious metals industry. This is because at GoldCore, we believe in empowering all investors with the latest and most accurate information to help them make the right investment choices to protect their wealth and grow their investment portfolio.

You too can now tap into our industry-leading expertise and benefit from owning gold and silver like other wealthy and seasoned investors. The guide is organised into chapters covering every important aspect of the gold and silver market. Simply click on each chapter to find further the information you require.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will assist you.


This resource will guide you through the intricacies of the gold and silver markets. You will gain a thorough understanding of the different types of gold and silver bars and coins, how and where to purchase them, the safest way to invest in and store precious metals, and when and how to sell them if the need arises.

This guide also covers the pros and cons of other types of gold and silver investment products such as gold certificates, digital gold and gold and silver ETFs. This will help you to choose the right type of investment that suits your risk appetite and particular needs and goals.


Chapter 1 - How to Buy Gold

How to Buy Gold

There are many ways to invest in gold which include buying physical bullion coins and bars, gold certificates, gold ETFs, digital or platform gold and gold mining shares. However, the safest and potentially most lucrative way is to own gold is by purchasing investment grade (normally 99.99 %) pure gold bars and coins, secured in fully allocated and fully segregated storage in the safest jurisdictions in the world. This is the most prudent way to insure your wealth against economic and geopolitical risks while achieving true portfolio diversification. Physical gold ownership is also the primary hedge against cyber risks, bank deposit bail-ins and inflation and currency devaluations.

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Chapter 2 Why Buy Gold

Why Buy Gold

Gold is a real and tangible asset with an inherent and timeless value unlike paper assets such as stocks and bonds and digital currencies – both fiat and crypto. Every investor worried about inflation, currency devaluations, and the prevailing risks in the global economy (unsustainable and massive public and private debt, ballooning budget deficits, ongoing trade and currency wars and over-valuation in every asset class), should buy physical gold bars and coins to protect their portfolio from potential financial and monetary crises. Gold also has a limited and diminishing supply and with the continued rise in demand, the gold price should increase significantly in the coming years which will likely provide very lucrative gains for physical gold owners.

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Chapter 3 How to Buy Silver

How to Buy Silver

You can buy silver as 99.99% investment grade physical bullion bars and coins minted and fabricated by respected refineries and sovereign government or national mints around the world from a trusted precious metals broker such as GoldCore. Other ways of owning silver include buying allocated and unallocated silver certificates, investing in silver Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), digital or platform silver, and numismatic silver coins. Buying physical silver bullion coins and bars is a prudent way to protect your wealth, diversify your investment portfolio and gain exposure to the silver market. You may opt to take delivery of your silver bullion or have it stored on your behalf in fully allocated and fully segregated storage in the safest countries in the world.

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Chapter 4 Why Buy Silver

Why Buy Silver

Silver has thousands of years of history as an inherently valuable and universally accepted currency. Alongside gold, silver is used as a hedge against all forms of economic, geopolitical, financial, and environmental risks. Silver is a proven hedge against bank bail-ins, hyperinflation, and currency devaluations, and offers true portfolio diversification to investors worried about the inflating bubble in the stock, bond, and property markets. With its ever-increasing demand in technology and industry and as an investment, silver is greatly undervalued at current prices vis-a-vis other assets. Silver therefore is likely to deliver healthy returns to investors and those who own it in the safest ways.

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Chapter 5 Buying Silver Vat Free


Buying Silver - Vat Free

If you import silver without first knowing what you are doing, you may incur a huge and immediate tax burden that can negatively impact your investment. Unsurprisingly, many investors are not aware that silver attracts value added tax (VAT) at a rate of 23% if purchased outside the EU, and then imported, into any EU country including Ireland. 

So, how can you legally buy silver free of VAT in Ireland or the rest of the EU? 

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Chapter 6 Storing Gold and Silver

How to Store Gold & Silver

Small quantities of gold and silver can be taken delivery of and stored securely in a safe or another safe location in an office or home. For larger quantities, allocated and fully segregated storage in a high security and specialist vault is the best option. Vaulted gold and silver storage is a highly secure and yet affordable form of storage that is operated by professional and specialist gold storage companies internationally. Your gold and silver are stored under bailment and held completely separately (never commingled) from that of other investors, with the transparency and ability to verify and monitor your holdings both online and in person. These vaults are fully insured and located in the safest jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Singapore, Dublin and Hong Kong.

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Chapter 7 Gold Bars

What are Investment grade Gold Bars

Gold bars are evenly shaped rectangular blocks of precious metal made from pure solid gold of the highest purity of 99.9%. Gold bars can either be cast or minted in a private or sovereign mint. GoldCore only make a market in gold bars made by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved government mints and refineries which ensures authenticity, liquidity and competitive pricing. The gold bars come in several weights and sizes which include one ounce, ten ounce, 100-ounce, one kilo and 400-ounce bars (London Good Delivery Bars). Gold bars normally bear the name and logo of the refinery or mint they are made from, their fineness, as well as unique serial numbers to identify them. Buying gold bars is a convenient way of investing in physical gold especially for companies, institutions, high net worth individuals who are buying large amounts of investment grade gold bullion.

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Chapter 8 Gold Coins

What are investment grade Gold Coins

Gold bullion coins are minted by sovereign mints and contain exactly one ounce or 31.07 grams of pure gold. Every gold coin bears the name and emblem of the mint it is fabricated from, as well as a nominal face value that underlines the coin's status as legal tender. Gold coins are highly liquid and beautifully decorated with unique designs which makes them collectable as well as difficult to counterfeit. Bullion coins such as Gold Sovereigns and Gold Krugerrands may contain small amounts of copper to make them resistant to scratches or damage. The most popular gold coins include the American Gold Eagles, Canadian Gold Maples, British Gold Sovereigns and Britannias, Austrian Gold Philharmonics and Australian Gold Kangaroos or Nuggets.

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Chapter 9 Silver Bars

What are Investment grade Silver Bars

Silver bars are rectangular shaped and are fabricated from investment grade silver with a fineness of 99.9%. Silver bars are either cast or minted mainly by private mints and refineries and come in different weights and sizes. GoldCore only make a market in silver bars made by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved government mints and refineries which ensures authenticity, liquidity and competitive pricing  The most popular sizes are the one ounce, ten ounce, one kilo, and the 1,000 troy ounce (close to but not exactly 1,000 ounces) London Good Delivery silver bar. Silver bars attract a lower premium than silver bullion coins and may be preferable for high net worth and institutional investors looking to buy larger quantities of silver. The most popular bars are MKS Pamp, Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Valcambi, Johnson Mathey and Metalor among many others.

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Chapter 10 Silver Coins

What are investment grade Silver Coins

Silver bullion coins are minted from investment grade silver with a fineness of 99.9%. They contain exactly one troy ounce of silver which is equivalent to 31.07 grams. Bullion coins have intricate designs which makes them aesthetically pleasing and collectable. Like gold coins, silver coins are made by recognised sovereign or national mint around the world, have a nominal value and therefore bear legal tender status in their country of origin. Silver coins are highly liquid and easy to buy or sell. The most popular silver coins are American Silver Eagles, British Silver Britannias, South African Silver Krugerrands, Austrian Silver Philharmonics, Canadian Silver Maples, and Australian Silver Kangaroo.

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Chapter 11 How much gold or silver should I buy

How Much Should I Invest in Gold & Silver?

How much gold and silver you need to own depends on several factors that are unique to every buyer or investor. However, most experts suggest that between 10% to 20% of your portfolio should be in precious metals such as gold and silver. Higher allocations in more uncertain times and lower allocations when there is less risk in the world. This is because these two valuable metals are your most dependable forms of financial insurance, and their value will appreciate if the rest of a portfolio loses value in a bear market of a financial and or monetary crisis.

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Chapter 12 How to Sell Gold or Silver

How Do I Sell Gold & Silver?

Gold and silver bullion are highly liquid, universally accepted as money all over the world, and have a highly liquid and global market that operates on a 24-hr basis. You can easily sell your gold and silver bullion through thousands of dealers around the world. However, in order to get the best prices and fast payment, sell your gold only through trusted and recognised dealers with a solid reputation in the industry. Large dealers such as GoldCore make market every day and can ensure liquidity, move-ability, accessibility and the best prices for your gold and silver. We buy back gold and silver from both clients and non-clients through a simple online process and make prompt payments without a fuss.

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Chapter 13 When to Sell Your Gold or Silver

When Do I Sell Gold & Silver?

Gold and silver are your best form of insurance against inflation, currency devaluatios and economic collapse. As such, you should maintain an allocation to the two metals at nearly all times. However, during a crisis, or when you are in dire need of money, gold and silver are excellent sources of cash due to their high liquidity. Selling part of your gold or silver portfolio may prevent you from having to liquidate other less liquid assets such as property. Furthermore, you may sell gold and silver if you need to reduce your exposure to the two precious metals if they form a large percentage of your entire portfolio. This may be prudent if they have appreciated significantly and you can take a sizeable profit on your investment or acquire other assets which represent good value.

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Chapter 14 Gold Price

Gold Price

The gold spot price, particularly in dollars, is the price commonly quoted by news media and tracked on a minute by minute basis globally. It refers to the cost of one troy ounce of pure investment grade gold to be delivered within days. While the most commonly quoted gold price is the dollar price from futures markets but buyers of physical gold are quoted in local currency terms. Irish buyers are quoted and buy gold in euros, UK buyers in British pounds and Swiss buyers in Swiss Francs.  The gold price is determined by the gold futures (New York Comex and Shanghai Gold Futures markets), by the London Gold Fix (a process that takes place twice a day in London) and ultimately and primarily by the forces of global demand for and supply of physical gold. The gold price is not static but constantly changes in response to investor sentiment, risk appetite and risk aversion and global supply and demand factors.

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